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  • machhindra nale

    machhindra nale

  • Peter Zalman

    Peter Zalman

    I am crafting great ideas into working products and striving for balance between Design, Product and Engineering #UX. Views are my own.

  • Namrata Arya Collins

    Namrata Arya Collins

  • Guilherme de Lima Barros

    Guilherme de Lima Barros

    Full Stack Engineer | Master at League of Legends | Drum Enthusiast.

  • Savitha Nallasamy

    Savitha Nallasamy

    Aspiring Writer , Product Manager by Profession, Health Freak. BUT- At heart , I am Mom first . Live a Life of Purpose. Spread Goodness .

  • Magdaline Frank

    Magdaline Frank

    Senior Manager at Walmart — Leading data and analytics work-streams for apparel

  • Petebytes


    Turning ideas into software and helping you do the same.

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